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The Displacement Archive is an international project looking to document and become a source of information relating to the displacement of peoples and ecology all over the world. The archive aims to store and, at the same time, produce what can be said about displacement. We look at displacement as an ongoing and historical project, not detached from the sociopolitical mandates of the world. As a result, CBS is calling on organisations, activist groups, individuals and collectives from all over the world to partner with us in our efforts to preserve those that are in danger of being lost. It is our hope that, together, our efforts can materialise into global solidarity and resistance against the forces that rob communities of sovereignty and identity. 

For Partner Organizations


Interested organisations, looking to collaborate with Center for Bangladesh Studies (CBS) are requested to get in touch via our email- We are open to various kinds of established and experimental partnerships and collaborations with think-tanks, rights groups, advocacy and activist organisations across the world. Please include an official letterhead in any email looking for a partnership or collaboration. We are also open to providing a space in our archive for research previous conducted by organisations relating to issues surrounding displacement or the process of displacement of communities and ecologies.

For Researchers and Activists

Individuals across the world are encouraged to contribute to the development and growth of the Displacement Archive. Interested parties should directly contact the Displacement Archive for any queries related to the submission process. Materials intended to be uploaded to the archive should be clearly marked in the email title as ‘Displacement Archive- Archive Submission’. The body should include the name and affiliations of the parties who should be credited for the archival document. All documents should be sent in the PDF format. In cases of multimedia material, we prefer Youtube links for videos and JPEG files for photo content. Material sent which is not in the above stated format will not be considered for the archive due to the large volume of submissions.

E-mail address-

স্থানীয় প্রদায়কদের জন্য

বাংলাদেশের বিভিন্ন অঞ্চলের স্থানীয় যারা উচ্ছেদ মহাফেজখানায় তাদের গবেষণা, তথ্য, ছবি ইত্যাদি দিতে চান, তাদের জন্য নিয়মাবলি-

উচ্ছেদ মহাফেজখানা সবার জন্য উন্মুক্ত এবং এখানে সবাইকে অংশগ্রহণ করতে উৎসাহিত করা হচ্ছে। আগ্রহী জন তাদের তথ্য ই-মেইল আকারেএ পাঠাতে পারে। ই-মেইলে গবেষণা, রিপোর্ট বা অন্য লিখিত তথ্য PDF আকারে পাঠানোর অনুরোধ করা হল। তা ছাড়া ভিডিও এবং অডিও ফাইলের Youtube লিংক বা গোটা ফাইল পাঠানো যাবে, এবং ছবির ক্ষেত্রে JPEG আকারে পাঠানোর অনুরোধ করা হল।